First you get your complete rafting gear and after the security-talk you take place in a whitewater-raft for up to 12 persons.

You will raft through waves and cataracts of crystal-clear mountain-water in the nature-park Tiroler Lech.

At the half-day-trip the distance is about 15 km and at full-day-trip about 30 km.

Always on board is a certified rafting-guide, who will steer the boat save through the waves and will tell you also interesting things about the nature-park.

For refreshing we will also stop during the tour for some whitewater swimming.

The end we celebrate with a shot-glass of distilled lech-water.

Price Half-Day Trip:

adult 45 €

kids 6 up to 15 year 35 €

Price Full-Day Trip:

adult 85 €

kids 6 up to 15 year 60 €

lunch-snack included


WW 2-3




Min. age:

6 years


full rafting equipment

introduction and tour with a certified guide

transport back to Car

To bring with you:

bathing clothes


shoes (will get wet)

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