Canyoning is very special nature-experience.

Together with a certified guide (Tiroler Schluchtenführer) you hike through deep and narrow canyons and abseil in spectacular waterfalls.

If you are brave enough you also can try a natural stone-slide or jump into pools full of crystal clear mountain-water.

To make the choice a bit easier for you we made four difficulty-levels.




canyoning family

min. age 8 years

adult 55 €

kids up to 15 years 40 €

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canyoning easy

min. age 12 years

adult 70 €

kids up to 15 years 50 €

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canyoning advanced

min. age 16 years

from 85 €

half-day or day trips

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canyoning extreme

min. age 18 years

from 100 €

half-day or day trips

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